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Behavior - First Post

When my sister and I would fight, our consequence was to stand with our nose in the corner. But after a couple minutes of time out, we'd forget why we were there and one of us would sneak over to the other's corner to play.

The difference with this picture is that I didn't send this child to time out or tell him to leave my teaching table. Instead, he recognized his breaking point and asked to take a break before he reached it.

Our children experience real, raw, big emotions. It's not our job to stop them, shush or downplay them. Instead, we should acknowledge and validate what they're experiencing, teach them how to manage their emotions, and then support them as they work through them.

This is my favorite thing to teach children and support parents in doing. Our children are going to grow up. If we don't teach them to appropriately handle their anger as children they'll grow into angry adults.

If you're interested in learning more about my upcoming behavior management course (for parents, teachers, aunts, or someone who hopes to be a parent someday) please let me know in the comments section or tag someone who may be interested.

When it comes to behavior what questions or challenges do you have? I'll do my very best to share what works and help.

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