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Here I Belong

From time to time, we like to reference diffrerent resources related to childhood and parenting that we support. Today, we want to share a new kid's book that we really like.

We would like to thank all of the people who supported us and helped us get to this stage. Much more is yet to come so stay tuned. If you're interested in publishing a book, you can submit your manuscript to publisher.

Eike Einmann was one of the first people who trusted us with her book. Also in the spirit of this week’s topic about childhood, we would like to remind you of the existence of the masterpiece “Here I belong”, which is availalbe on our webstore. It is yet another children’s book which is also suitable for adults and combines an interesting story involving magic with serious real-life issues. The book is also Illustrated by Eike herself.

The book tells the story of Maya, who is struggling to find where she belongs since her parents come from different parts of the world. This causes confusion in the young child, but a bit of magic comes into play and takes her on an amazing adventure which helps her find the answer to the so desired question. The story is full of lessons for young and old alike and presents a growing issue in our current world. Check out the book for more information regarding the book and author.

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