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What good things did your little one do today?

Yesterday I talked about Ralphie (@simplyonpurpose) and the parenting advice she has been giving over the last week. I am making a conscious effort to implement the strategies she talked about and this morning I noticed another profound difference that I wanted to share.

I am not typically a “think happy, be happy” type of person. I have a tendency to be a bit of a cynic. And more times than I’d like to admit, I will have a rough morning getting my little guy out the door, and find myself thinking “thank goodness he’s off to daycare and I can have some peace and quiet.”

This morning was another one of those rough mornings with lots of whining and crying but I remained focused on all the good things he was doing - even if it was simple like willingly giving me his foot to put his shoe and sock on. I purposefully ignored the “junk” behavior and reinforced the positive. And even though it was a rough morning, when he left for the day I noticed that I wasn’t feeling negatively about the morning, I wasn’t grumpy. I mostly just found myself hoping he had a good day and thinking about something fun we could do when he gets home later.

I’ve read it a thousand times that if you think negative thoughts about your child (they are being such a brat, they are so annoying right now), you tend to act negatively towards your child. If you are dealing with all of those negative thoughts it gets in the way of loving and connecting with your child. Making an effort to keep a positive focus is making such a profound difference in how I parent and the relationship I’m building with my son. I’m shocked at the difference it’s making, but unbelievably happy about it as well.

What good things did your little one do today? Drop them in the comments and let’s start building positive momentum in our parent/child relationships!

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